Friday, September 5, 2008

Linkin In


It is near nigh impossible to get a job without networking. I only know other moms and people who work in other states. Oh, so how oh how can I network?

Well, Hubby McRed gets about a gazillion e-mails a week from his LinkedIn account (okay, more like three or four a month) inquiring as if so and so from such and such a place could 'connect' or 'network' or 'chat' with him about various things involving employment.

So I updated my linked-in account with actual relevant information, besides my trite 'dude, I like to write stories about made up crap' statement I wrote back when I didn't care, and now, I am waiting to see if there is an anti-networking curse upon me that is blackening my soul slowly, day by day, or if LinkedIn can be my key to networking in a life that otherwise is networkless...

And no one need worry, Rainy, I won't be holding my breath. I'm not honestly sure what I"m doing, so I'm just doing it. But I admit to a bit of curiosity, while acknowledging that I still have to hone my network profiling skills and 'key word' usage...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'd Rather Have An Exclamation Point

For the last couple days, I've been desperate for salty crunchy things, I've been feeling a little bloated, I've been short tempered, and as I gaze at my beautiful, practically seven month old baby who is the light of my life and the apple of my husband's eye, I've been thinking OH HELL NO I'M NOT HAVING ANOTHER ONE, IF I AM PREGNANT AGAIN I WILL GO INSANE.

Well, the good news is I'm not pregnant.

What's sad is that I had totally forgotten that menstruation was even on the options list of things my body could do.

I remember being twelve, and desperately hoping I'd get my period soon, so I could sigh weakly, float to the nurse's office, ask for some Tylenol (this was the Dark Ages where they didn't need a signed waiver and your mother's name written in blood before you could get Tylenol from the nurse) to ease the pain of "my time of the month," and wear the little belt I'd read about in that Judy Blume book you had to read if you were a twelve year old girl.

When my period finally came, I was completely disgusted when I found out belts were decades out of date and I was going to wear a peel and stick thing that felt like a diaper.

I have not enjoyed my menses since. When it ceased, and I realized we had in fact made a baby, I was thrilled about not having a period. The main thing I was looking forward to about breastfeeding was not menstruating. In fact, I demand a refund from my uterus. I'm still breastfeeding all the time. I have a twenty pound seven month old to prove it! No, I can't say "exclusively breastfeeding," we give him smushed fruits and veggies now, but trust me when I say the nutrition is still entirely from my dairy bar here. He's eating tops a half jar (the small size) a day.

In the face of that, why am I back to snarfing pretzels (delicious, perfectly crunchy salty pretzels) like they were manna from heaven?


Monday, September 1, 2008

The Price of Lunch

If you haven't been in America recently, you may not have noticed that food prices have gone up. Of course, most of us had noticed it, way before the media kindly pointed it out for us, but one thing that is really affected by it, of course, is school lunches.

I've already cut costs down food-wise by shopping once a week by a list, and only for meals and snacks. I hardly buy prepared foods, because they are expensive. My kids don't get junk food for snacks, because I want them to eat healthy. The benefit to that is I don't pay crazy high prices for food that's bad for you anyhow. I occasionally think it'd be nice to buy organic, but not so nice that I'll fork out the extra bucks for it.

But school lunches? Well, now I have another reason to continue making my kids lunches at home. First, you can buy hot lunch at school, but it adds up to about $2.25 a day for my daughter. That doesn't sound too bad, and it's not if you're only feeding one kid and they're not snacking out of the vending machines loaded with junk food (another post, for yet another day).

It's far cheaper to make lunches at home, and throw in the home-made snacks -- all brandless trail mixes, fruits, home-made muffins and bars and granola. I rarely do store-bought anything for snacks anymore, because of basic economics. For the price of a bag of granola, I can buy all the ingredients and make five bags of homemade, for the price of a dozen muffins, I can make a dozen dozen muffins, and so on. It's just economical to spend an hour on Sunday baking snacks for the week.

So have higher food prices affected what you eat/your kids eat for lunch? What do you do for your kids lunches and snacks?

Actual Chat Excerpt

[17:46] Sanya: Oh, speaking of grossness immunity, I got human feces under my fingernails, didn't notice, ate a bunch of grapes, noticed the poop, and just washed my hands.
[17:47] Sanya: Then later I was cleaning myself off, the paper tore, and I scrubbed my hands for at least a minute while I gagged.
[17:47] Sanya: And the boy doesn't have precious baby poopsies, he shits.
[17:47] Sanya: We started giving him fruits and veggies a couple weeks ago.
[17:48] Lahdeedah: roflmao
[17:49] Sanya: So why does my own shit bother me, but the boy's crap under my nails make me shrug?