Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's In YOUR... Diaper Bag?

This was a thread on a mama message board I was reading today. Here's what I posted:

For errand running, I have a nifty little thing that looks like a large wallet or a small purse. It unfolds into a changing pad, and has a pocket for a diaper, a few wipes, and a clean shirt. For the baby, not me.

For occasions when I'll be gone for half the day, away from running water, or out to a restaurant, I have a diaper bag. It contains:

Four diapers
Clean shirt
Clean socks (the "heel strike into poop" is his best karate move)
Two small toys that only come out at restaurants
A plastic grocery bag
A flannel receiving blanket (it's a blanket! It's a burp cloth! It's a DESSERT TOPPING!)
Hand sanitizer
Pashima (acts as a second blanket, a nursing cover up if he gets too distracted to eat properly, or, when artistically draped about my person, covers my leaking personal bits and/or baby hork and/or pee spray)

Now that it's cold, I keep a little sweater in there as well as the clean onesie, since he's a thousand times more likely to spill or spew on his sweater than his shirt. One of the side pockets has sanitary napkins, lip balm, and nursing pads.

And of course, I never carry a purse when I've got the diaper bag - I just transfer my cell, wallet, and a little travel hairbrush over to the outside pocket.


Lahdeedah said...

Here's a bit of advice for half-a-day bag packing:

EIGHT diapers.

You never know when the Liquid Green Poop Monster will appear, and when it does, four diapers in four hours will not begin to cover it...

Lahdeedah said...


if you need a reminder about how Rainy Green Poop can occur at any time, ANYWHERE... here...