Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BSG addict


In most ways, I'm like most sane people.
And some sane people, like me, are slightly addicted to Battlestar Galactica.

I lock my children in their rooms and send my husband away, sit down, and ignore everything and everyone for the show.

I've obsessed only slightly about who the fifth cylon is, and have tried to restrain my slight and only-human ire at the other fan (but not addict, I wouldn't call her an addict) I know because she always TiVo's it and is never caught up. I not-so-secretly think all non-fans are missing out on some of the greatest television ever, well, televised. Don't even get me started about how it's sci-fi. It is so much more than sci-fi.

And the only thing I can think about today, to write about, as I mull over the chances of my being the fifth cylon (I mean, so cool, don't you think?) and mull how I hate having to wait more months now before the final BSG episodes show up (those mini web-episodes are as filling as mini-snack packs) I'll give my list of who I think the final cylon could be, because well, that is what BSG addicts do. But, to give it a slight twist, here is also a list of who is NOT the fifth cylon:

In no particular order:

Not Cylons:
Baltar (I mean, seriously, but I do admire his love for himself)
The doctor
The lawyer
The baker, butcher and candlestick maker can also be ruled out
Starbuck (cuz duh they said so)
Tom Zarek (could the fifth cylon really be so extremely power hungry? I think not)
Cally (clearly not)

Cylon Contenders
Lee Adama (it could be!) but I swear I heard the unboxed toaster correct a human and say that four were in the fleet
Zak Adama (this would be both kind of neat and a let down at the same time)
The ship itself (that would just rock)
Someone found on earth that is unknown. (This actually makes the most sense, but then, how would that cylon actually get them there if said cylon was on earth).

Now, at this point, Rainy, you must stop reading, because this contains spoilers to the last episode before the break, which you haven't watched yet, which is why I'm posting about it rather than gabbing about it to you.

As you can see, my list of cylon contenders is very short. It's because the last cylon is so important, that it wouldn't be someone trivial.

It would be someone motivated to get both the cylons and the humans to earth. The ship itself has been working toward that end, orchestrating things so that information is given at just the right time. Who could that last final cylon be that could send the signal to the four cylons that the location to the earth has been revealed and draw them to the altered viper now that the Cylons were with the Galactica? Also, unlike the other four cylons, this cylon must know it's a cylon, because of the pervading sense that 'something' is controlling events and circumstances to lead these groups to earth. It'd be hard to imagine that the fifth cylon is as clueless as the other cylons. So, who is everywhere on the ship, but nowhere to be seen on the ship? Well, the ship certainly.

Okay it's very likely it's a person. For all we know, Zak Adama is hiding on the ship running around fixing things. It could beLee, but then you have to explain how everything is being orchestrated so well. The fifth cylon has to be playing a part in getting everyone to earth, including taking the cylons, who, btw, have also decimated their race. Isn't it a strange coincidence that there's only one Galactica and one Base Star?

Hmm. Things to ponder over the next few months.


Bill McGonigle said...

Didn't Deanna see the final five in robes? Hard for a ship to fit that shape.

What excludes Gaeta? He's everywhere that's important.

Lahdeedah said...

Deanna did see the final five in robes. Harumph. There goes the ship theory.

I really have mixed feelings on Gaeta. It would make sense, but I really got the idea in the last episode that the fifth cylon wasn't in the fleet, and that either means isn't within the actual ships, or isn't a member of the military. If it's the latter, it means Apollo can still be a Cylon.

Admittedly, it's a stretch. I'm going to re-watch it to hear the exact phrasing.