Monday, June 9, 2008

The Grill

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The Grill

We went to SuperWalmart (shh, I don't want to hear it, it's cheap, we're broke, I'll take the high road when I can afford it) and found Hubby McRed his father's day present: the grill. Charcoal, for taste. (Seriously, whatev). He thought it would be nifty if I put it together for him. I agreed, because I'm an agreeable person by nature. If you asked me to change the weather pattern so the hurricane wouldn't hit your vacation spot in the Bahamas, I'd say, 'sure.' The feasibility of what I'm agreeing to is never an issue. I'm a CAN DO woman!

Lets briefly go through my 'put shit together' list.
Wal-Mart (save it) computer desk cart: facing wood panel put on backwards.
Target (hee hee) antique cottage deskwith matching chair: put together with supporting structures on backwards.
Pier One, six-piece wood night stand: screws stripped, table legs somehow crooked... there's a slight artistic lean to it, I think...

You see where this is going? I hate to be stereotypical, but I DID fail 7th grade carpentry...

I did make an attempt, but honestly, the diagram was confusing, the sun was shining, people were talking to me and the children were.... somewhere. Sooo... after Hubby McRed's three hour nap, he woke up to see me, with all the grill parts outside, stumped.

Well not stumped, I passed "stumped" two hours and 53 minutes ago, he found me socializing. See, I had mis-read the instructions, and couldn't figure out how to put two pieces together that seemed already together...

He did try to be grumpy, but after I went through the list, he gave it up, and instead focused on my whole 7-minute attention span for putting things together, at which point, I informed him that since I'd never actually been very good at putting anything together, it's a bit ridiculous to expect me to suddenly be able to put things together. Once mechanically disinclined, always mechanically disinclined, so I say.

And, the unspoken question: what would you do without me?
The unspoken answer: have it delivered and assembled for a mere few bucks more.


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