Saturday, June 7, 2008

Reading and Nursing

Lahdeedah, Sanya and I do a lot of instant messaging during the day which led to my most recent embarrassing moment (I say "most recent" because there are a LOT).

Lahdeedah was just chattering up a storm and I was reading, but not really responding because I was trying to nurse the baby and he was being a handful. I reached over and picked out a short message to her to let her know I was listening.

im reading n nursing

I looked up and realized I'd just typed that into my WORK chatgroup! A group of single guys and one single girl who were horrified, I'm sure, considering the hush that fell over the chat room. I didn't even get teased for a mis-message like I usually would. Just awkward silence. I squirmed and wanted to start prattling nonsense to make my mistake scroll away, but I figured that would just make it worse. It seemed like years before someone started talking about work stuff again. And of course Sanya and Lahdeedah had a field day over it.

On the days I'm at work I usually pump in my office which doesn't have a lock. I'm waiting for the day that someone ignores the sign on my door and walks in on me.

With my history, it's inevitable.

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Lahdeedah said...

What is it about sane, rational adults that when you say 'nursing' they cringe and shriek and flee?

It's like, they resent the fact that their bodies still follow the laws of nature and as mammals, the female of our kind DO produce milk... and the males well, at least women don't have independent-thinking body parts....