Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Too Late

One thing that I could really improve about myself is my "too late" attitude. If I don't get an early enough start on something, I have a tendency to write the whole thing off.

Some examples:
Too late to homeschool, because my oldest is almost in preschool and I haven't picked out a curriculum.
Too late to lose weight and be the fun, skinny mom.
Too late to have a discipline plan that works, because my preschooler is already whiny and entitled.
Too late to get promoted at work.
Too late to have any more kids (I'm 34).
Too late to clean the house for our vacation tomorrow. (true)

Okay, I know you see the flaws and ridiculousness of some of the things on my list, because I see them. But sometimes it just seems like my life is racing by me at 100mph and I keep missing it. I have this fear that one morning I'm going to wake up and my daughter will be 16 and my son will be 13 and it will be too too too late.

I did find some peace this weekend though. I was taking pictures of my daughter telling secrets to her little brother. When I saw this picture I could see what a little girl she still is.

Maybe it's not too late after all.


Boliath said...

Too late to have any more kids? At 34? Shoot girl I had my first at 35, you're not too late, have more if you want to.

Sanya said...

Why is the fun mom the skinny mom?

The most awesome mom I knew growing up was average. The most horrible mom was thin. My own mom was super fun when I was little, lots of library trips and swinging at the park and homemade playdough, and she's... not a thin mom.