Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Being Crafty, oh and Curious Dragons

It doesn't take a crafty person to be crafty.

Take my chore chart, for instance. This masterpiece is functional and crafty, but messy, but a huge success.
But I want my sons' room to be crafty. Turbo and Bear deserve a crafty boys room. They just do. They want one, too, desperately. I can tell, it's in their eyes. Trust me. It's really for them.

Anyhow, because I know deep in their hearts what kind of room they want, I'm giving it to them. They want a blue room, because they asked for blue. They want airplanes. They love letters. They want cool cube shelves to put the wood cars and trains and planes they paint on display. They want a mom crafty enough to do all of this.
They got me.

So, here is craft no. 1 of the boy's room.
Craftily painted wood airplanes that will fly along the walls amongst craftily painted wood stars.
Witness Exhibit A:
The first of five airplanes hand painted. Cost of plane -- $1. Cost of reusable paint -- $8.
(The stars are only 25 cents)

And After:

The little mistakes won't be obvious when hanging on the wall! It's just good ole crafts paints and cheap paint brushes!
Stay tuned for next weeks' installment: Painted letters that spell out a silly math wordquation.
Oh and btw, for those curious about curious, open-minded dragons who could just as easily be really confident with themselves.... Fleming was created at a pottery studio. Remember, I'm not crafty, and I'm not really good at oh, painting neatly... or doing anything neatly. I like to think it gives my creations 'character.' Anyhow...
Meet Fleming.

I am not so much pink, as rose.

I am most definitely mysterious.

But most of all, I am Magnificent...

Fleming, The Magnificent!

... and curious... oh so very curious....

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