Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Here are some things that I still worry about, even though on this second time around I feel like I should know better:

1 - Obsessive/Compulsive type hand and wrist twisting
2 - Still can't roll over at 7 months
3 - Isn't sleeping more than 5 hours at night
4 - Head sweats so much it makes wet spots on my clothing
5 - Excessive ear wax

Oh, I know that nothing's wrong with him, but sometimes I'll see him twisting his little hands for an hour, or flipping his tongue around in his mouth like a crazy man, and I have a twinge of fear. Not a "mother's instinct is usually right" twinge, but an "Oh no, they were RIGHT about the vaccines and what have I done to my baby??" twinge.

Luckily I'm both too busy and too tired to actually pursue any of these panics. But I don't make fun of moms that are worrying about something that seems insignificant to me. I suspect it's a hormonal imperative for mothers to fret, and according to my mom, it never ends.

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Sanya said...

Five hours?! You're getting five HOURS? Straight? I hate you.

We were getting four to five, and then the six month growth spurt hit last week. Now I'm lucky if I get three.

And he only rolls over if I hold the boob away from him. It's not really OVER, either, it's more like a lurching, flopping, troutlike sideways flop.