Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brilliant dinner ideas!

During the week, you'd think a mom who stay home would have time to cook dinner.


So, for those moms who don't stay home, and who do stay home, and who live in a constant state in between home and somewhere else, here's my latest brilliant idea!

It always involves the crock pot, mind you. The crock pot is a great invention, whoever thought of it deserves to be sainted.

Anyhow, we always do a Sunday Crock Pot Chili, and then eat the leftovers another night.
So, on Saturday, I can prepare a crock pot meal and NOT eat it... then, I have two weeknight meals in tupperware in the fridge waiting for the day when I realize it's 5:30, and I've just BEGUN to think of dinner.

Anyone else have any better, or good, easy dinner ideas that don't involve processed foods? :)

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GNelson said...

Lasagna! Only you don't have to do it with the funky noodle stacking. Get some medium-sized shells, cook them, then make the lasagna mixtures (spaghetti sauce & ground beef, ricotta cheese & a can of cream of mushroom soup) separate. Pour the cooked noodles into a 9x13" glass dish, then pour the ground beef mixture all over them. Then dollop the ricotta cheese mixture on the rest. Top off with some mozzarella cheese and bake it off at 350 for 10-15 minutes until melted.

Loads easier... takes maybe 30 minutes to prep and bake.