Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Brain Is Cold

The house was freezing last night, and the wind was blustering like crazy. This morning, the entire outside world was glittering with frost, and the birds were fluffed up into feather puffballs in the trees.

So when I went to get the kid ready for his walk, I went Stone Cold Mama. Socks. Thick, lined pants. Long sleeve onesie. Sweatshirt. Fleece slippers. Once all that was on, I wrapped his legs in an afghan, and stuffed the resulting burrito into the bunting I'd already installed on the stroller.

(Side note about his bunting: You see it in ads being used on the car seat bucket. We used it on his car seat when he was a newborn, but we realized that at the speed with which we raced from the car to wherever, we might as well skip it. I felt kind of stupid for wasting the money. However, it's really nice to have on the stroller - a blanket that can't be kicked off and is always tucked in - and the velcro openings are so flexible that it works on all of his strollers.)

Then I popped a fleece lined knitted hat on his head, tucked a scarf around his neck, zipped him up with his hands inside the bunting, and went outside.

We promptly came back, so I could put on shoes.


RainyPM said...

That's great. :) The other day as I dropped my kids off at daycare I realized I had bundled them up for the cold but I was just wearing a t-shirt. BRRR!

mannequin said...


I've done the same. The very same. The socks were so warm, we forgot the shoes.

Lahdeedah said...

So yah... today, after school, in in Colorado sweater weather, we're all out in our sweaters, and um, Turbo? Yeah, he's covered...sweatpants, long sleeve thermal... little bare toes...

Lee said...

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