Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Confession..

My beautiful boy was born with a head of silky brown hair. The middle strip was the most luxurious, but he definitely had a full head of hair. As the weeks have gone by, his head got bigger, but he didn't get more hair, so it looked thin and stretched. The mohawk stayed, though, and given Daddy's college mohawk, we were all much amused.

But then it started to fall out. Worse, the reduction in hair revealed the final stages of cradle cap. Given Mama and Daddy's chronic dandruff, we were not amused.

The second worst thing is that when I peel off the bits of cradle cap, I'm finding seven or eight strands of his baby hair stuck to the dead skin.

The worst thing is that I'm removing the skin so I can keep the hair in a teeny envelope for his scrapbook.


RainyPM said...
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RainyPM said...

I deleted that other comment because it's so long it ought to be its own post. Look for it tomorrow.

BTW, I dig the mohawk. :)

Lahdeedah said...

And look,

He's very very sad that you are saving dead mo-hawk hair for his scrapbook.

Sanya said...

Bah, L. My mate loves the scrapbooks and has promised to teach our child to love them too.

Now, teeth, I'm not saving. That's just weird.